I know what you’re thinking:

" Rewards? Yeah, RIGHT, probably just some stupid Easter egg or something."


You couldn’t be more


Reward Categories:

Felling a little behind the curve? Does it seem like all of the other party members are leveling up and leaving you in the dust? Do you feel like a pathetic weakling when you have “performance issues” on the battlefield time and time again? Are you a complete and total wuss-bag? Well, it may be time for you to consider…

XP Rewards

Does your coin purse feel a little too light these days? Do you find yourself unable to pay for even the most mundane equipment? Have you ever second-guessed that new weapon upgrade when bedding down in the stables with your stomach rumbling while, in the other corner, the Warpony with personal space issues eyes you longingly? Sounds like you could use some…

Gold Rewards

Have you ever been planning, scheming, and plotting your next epic advancement for weeks (real-time) only to discover that you’ve overlooked some obscure, picky prerequisite and now you have to wait for another level-up to get your feat or prestige class? Have you even been in the middle of getting almost pwned by that pesky Beholder’s eye-rays and run out of action points? Has your jaw ever dropped while paging through the MIC, then, upon reading further, you realize that you’re just a couple levels short of being able to purchase that Vest of the Master Evoker or those Strongarm Bracers, but you just leveled up? Do you look longingly at all the feats you have to pick from and couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one? Basically, do you just want to pwn harder? You might just want to take a look at…

Prestige Point Rewards


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