Job Description

The Historian Quest is here to fill up all of the empty Adventure Log entries from previous game sessions.


Fill in an Adventure Log entry from a session older than two weeks. Your entry will be submitted to me via a message to my Obsidian Portal Inbox with the subject line: “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED – Historian”.

Reward Criteria

Basic Submission Must Include:
  • An accurate date stamp (always the Wednesday night we began the session)
  • Chronological list of the major events that occurred during the given game session, which must include:
    1. Location of all PC’s at the start of the game session
    2. Traveling between locations/events
      • BONUS REWARD: mode(s) of travel
      • BONUS REWARD: Duration of travel
    3. NPC interaction
      • BONUS REWARD: Attitude(s)
      • BONUS REWARD: Correct Name(s) (If not already on the character page)
      • Exchanges made
      • Quest Information
    4. Encounters
      • Monsters BONUS REWARD: Correct Name(s)
      • Hostile NPCs BONUS REWARD: Correct Name(s) (If not already on the character page)
    5. Outcome of the Encounter (W/L/D or something else…)
      • BONUS REWARD: XP gained by each player
      • BONUS REWARD: Loot collected by each player
  • Any other pertinent information will get you a BONUS REWARD.

Any fluff will earn a BONUS REWARD
Especially entertaining or true-to-lore fluff will earn a ludicrously broken BONUS REWARD modifier.

Time Frame

After you discuss your Quest with me, this job may be done at any time that is convenient for you.


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