The Four Horsemen

Historian Journal #4
Quest Log

Our adventurers wake up in Arcanix once again at the inn. Card was the first to wake up and as he looked around the now trashed inn, he noticed a “pile-o-bitches.” So Card did what any sexy man would do, dive head first into pile. Unfortunately for him, he nailed EarL right in the gut, waking him and the bitches up instantly. The bitches now sober realized what they have been sleeping with… a freaking bull! And all the bitches hurried out of the inn. Meanwhile Owen was waking up in his room surrounded by 10 women, The Champion Concubines. After his morning “exercise” Owen came down, and started talking with EarL and Card on what they should do next. After some hard decisions they decided it best to see what this “herb” Wizard was about.

So our adventurers headed South out of Arcanix in search of the Herb Wizard. On their way they were attacked by 4 Dark Lions, and Berty/Owen killed them quickly with little casualty. Owen decided it would be wise to skin these animals since they were quite strange, so he managed to get 3 pelts. It was starting to get dark out so our adventurers decided it would be best to get a good nights rest.

They woke up the next day, and just continued down the road until they saw a strange figure up ahead. It was a man sitting in a tree just smoking. Owen being friendly went up and started talking with this man, he found out his name was Dante and he was the Herb Wizard. Dante had a small pet dragon that was flying around offering his blunt to Card and EarL. Card was reluctant at first, but decided to join in when he saw Owen smoking and he seemed alright. EarL never took the blunt from the dragon, but the dragon kept puffing in his face. After a bit Dante offered to sell them his herb, so everyone bought 1 lb. for 5 gold. Then things started getting weird, the dragon put them into this trance and they all happily skipped into a hole in the tree.

They had entered the shadwo plane, everything looked dark and twisted. EarL looked like Frank, Card looked like Smurfette(with a penis), Owen looked like Dwayne Dibley, and Percy looked like Chucky. From the shadows 2 creatures had emerged, they were Dark Umber Hulks with shackles in their hands. Our adventures killed them quickly, and EarL decided to pick up the shackles to use for later. They had no clue on where to go, it seemed like they were near Arcanix but it wasn’t… Card pointed out a tower and they decided that should be their first destination, so they started to walk towards it. On their way they met two weird people, who talked in babbles, no one understood what they were saying. But EarL decided to flip them off, and that made them leave. Our adventurers where starting to get tired and hungry so EarL pulled out the Personal Oasis to sleep in.

Loot: Owen-3 Dark Lion Pelts
Total XP: 6,600 (5,000 Combat) (1,000 RP)

Historian Journal #3
Quest Log

Prep used…
-Dom spent 30. (Skills)
-Kevin spent 24. (Skills)

Our adventurers started off in Arcanix. EarL got up before everyone else and decided to go do some shopping. He got some “magic shit” and a female Bloodstrker mount name Berty. About an hour later Owen woke up and headed out to the market to find EarL. They both met up and had no clue what to do since all there leads are dead or don’t like them that much. So they went to Percy to find out the word about town. Percy told them that there is a local contest and…. But EarL just went off to the contest area, not caring what the other thing was. (Going to get some “magical” herbs) To get into the contest Owen showed them his Student ID card. Although it didn’t work too well because we didn’t belong to a house. So they had to go in the free lance area, which was like 400 people long. So they just figured, “We’re more important, than these losers. I mean we saved their town.” and went to the head of the line. When they got there the other contestants didn’t like it, and zapped EarL. So EarL did what he does best killed them all, well that is until he heard Owen to tell him to stop. They were then called up to the receptionist (who was the same one from the train stop in Passage). EarL hated her, and continually tried to kill her, but the glass she was behind was too thick. Owen and EarL eventually were able to get in and continued on to the final round. The final round was with the champ and his pet dragon, which hurt quite a bit. But after a long battle Owen and EarL triumphed over the champ, and killed the dragon. For winning they got some rewards…

—EarL: Hammer
—Owen: Eternal Wand of Cure Critical (CL20)

-Experience: 120,750

Historian Journal #2
Quest Log

—After a nights rest inside their Personal Oasis, Card figured out how they were going to climb this giant cog wall. “This is quite simple,” Card said to Owen and EarL, “we are just going to walk up this wall thanks to…” Card touches everyone, “False Gravity!” EarL not to keen on magic talk needed an explanation on how this helped them. So Card gave them a nice little lecture on how to work the spell. So after this explanation EarL started to walk up the wall, then out of the gears came three Ape like creatures (Effigy). Our adventurers made quick work of these constructs, and continued up the wall.

When they reached the top the found themselves in a room, that seemed to be covered in rocks, almost like a minefield. They worked their way through the rock minefield, with EarL picking up a couple rocks to use for later. When they reached the other side they were met with a large door, which was sealed tight. Owen decided to touch the door, and all of a sudden a voice boomed. It was the “Dyson Sphere” talking to them, telling them to leave and that “they” have suffered enough.

EarL recalling what happened the last time a door told them to get out, booked it back to where he had entered. As he was running towards his destination, the walls began rising, trapping them in this room. Owen not knowing what to do, was looking around and saw this round bulge on the ceiling. So he figured that he should try and shoot it, but he ended up shooting himself instead. Then Card tried to touch Owen so they could teleport out of this area, but just touched himself. Owen shot again at the ceiling, and found out that its a T-Rex (Effigy). So Card again tried to teleport them all out, but the place he thought they were going had disappeared, making the telportation fail. EarL recalling what White Ash’s pages had told them, put down the Personal Oasis for some camouflage. This trick worked for a bit, that is until two Deinonychus and a Megaraptor decided to crash the party. They looked tough but nothing is too strong for our adventurers. So after our adventurers defeated these three, it was time to take on the T-Rex.

The T-Rex was a true test for our adventurers, all would have been lost if they hadn’t been blessed by Cytheria and where given her rose crystals. For during the battle EarL and Card had both died, and Owen would’ve been next on the menu. The fight concluded with EarL and Card bursting out of the T-Rex’s stomach, when Owen delivered the final arrow to its groin. After the beast fell, the ceiling began to collapse, so EarL picked up Card and ran to the now open door on the far side of the room. Owen seeing EarL bolt, then called for Ditzy Do. As Ditzy Do came running, Owen jumped up folded his legs, and landed on Ditzy Do with ease. Owen while in the air told Ditzy Do to follow the blue blur, and step on it. EarL made it to the room, and looked back at the door hoping to see his friend. But he couldn’t see much on account of all the dust he kicked up from running. EarL then heard a large thud, the ceiling had collapsed. As the dust settled EarL and Card where able to make out a silhouette of a pony, and a rider. It was Ditzy Do and Owen, “Mounts are useful, aren’t they?” joked Card. “Yea, but next time we should share a ride.” Owen said looking towards EarL and Card. “Enough talk, time to get job done!” yelled EarL. They then looked around the room, and couldn’t help missing a giant molten gear. EarL decided to walk up to this gear, since he was sent here to start up a gear. But as he got closer the floor started to open up, revealing the “sun” that powered the Dyson Sphere. They then approached the gear, and all of a sudden the voice came back. It was Tizoc, except that he was now being possessed by an Elder Fire Elemental.

After a talk with this Elder Fire Elemental, they decided to help the elementals, and destroy the Dyson Sphere. The Elder Fire Elemental told them that they need to destroy the gear, its what helps drive the ship. So Card conjured up a lightning bolt and shot a hole straight through the cog. EarL not knowing how he could help, asked the Elder Fire Elemental to posses him so would not burn up while destroying the cog. The Elder Fire Elemental understood, and allowed EarL to access his powers. EarL became surround with fire, his hair turned red, and his axe turned to fire. EarL then charged through the gear, creating a giant hole. Owen and Card then followed EarL’s example and asked the Falme Mephits to grant them the power of the flame. With a couple more blows the cog fell to pieces, and then our adventurers headed back to town picking up Adamantine Shards (from Effigies) along the way. They continued to destroy everyone and everything on their way to the teleportaion pad. “This was an apocalyptic end to a diabolical device,” growled EarL/Elder Fire Elemental, “they almost don’t deserve such a painless death. But this is way too much fun” When they reached the top they nodded at the 5 Red Wizards, they understood and teleported them back to Arcanix. The 5 Red Wizards, now freed from their bounds, flew off into the sunset.


Card — 7 Medium Shards
EarL — 8 Medium Shards, 2 Large Shards
Owen — 5 Medium Shards

Historian Journal #1

Our adventure started off in the sewers after defeating the Shadow Caster and his minions, and starting up the defense system. After coming up the sewers our adventurers were greeted by half of the Arcane Council with White Ash. They thanked the adventurers for returning the defense system to normal, and gave them a rolled up blanket, not knowing what this gift was Card asked White Ash. He said, “Its a personal oasis.” Card responded,“So what does it do?” White Ash responded by asking his pages to give Card the manual. The pages forgot the manual, and after some searching back at the school returned with the manual. With White Ash’s pages still there the adventurers asked if they could have their newly acquired items identified, which they happily did. EarL the mighty barbarian received: +2 Mithral Shirt, Armlet of Health +2, Elixir of Vision, Ring of Four Winds, Necklace of Warning, and a Commander Chain Shirt. Owen the agile ranger received: Cloak of Resistance +3, Gloves of Dex +2, +2 Loud Composite Longbow of Shock, 20 Sleep Arrows, Hat of Disguise, and a Scroll of Invisibility Purge. Card the sexy sorcerer received: Corrosive Sycle, Crossbow of Knockback, 20 Bolts of Weakening, +2 Boots of Elvenkind, Eternal Wand of (I can’t read my writing), Wand of Enlarge Person, and a Restful Crystal. After our adventurers had all their magic items identified White Ash and his pages disappeared, Card then realized that they didn’t ask White Ash about how to find the brimstone (the whole reason why they were there). They then decided to head into town to buy and sell magic gear. They had noticed walking around town that there was an airship docked, intrigued by this our adventurers tried to head up to it. The guard at the wouldn’t let them on, since it wasn’t a school day (he knew they were “students” from before). Card had asked, “Well where’s the Captain of this ship then?” The Guard responded, “Well I believe she went to the Inn.” So our adventurers started to head to the Inn, when they realized that there was a loud booming sound coming from the Southwest. They looked around to see how people were reacting, and everyone was moving around like it was a normal day. So our adventurers assumed that this was nothing of importance. When our adventurers came to the Inn it was all quiet and somber, it appeared as someone has just died. They looked around the Inn and noticed that their new friend Captain Zeta Jones was here, and that the airship was hers. They were talking and catching up with one another when the adventures noticed that their cohorts were here crying. They had lost their brother Thuug in the last battle. Morg came rampaging up to Owen and started yelling at him/them about how they did nothing to save their brother, and how they didn’t even need to be down there. Then ROG drunkenly spoke, for the first time ever, to EarL yelling and swearing at him. EarL didn’t liked to be told what to do or what he did wrong, so he tried to smack down ROG but his hand was stopped in mid air. He then tried to yell at ROG, to make him obey but nothing came out. Then the three brothers carrying Thuug then left the adventurers and returned back to the Revengencers Camp. Our adventurers then headed outside to catch the brothers, but they were already gone. They then heard an old man laughing they went up to him to see what his problem was. He was the old man from the Cave of Souls, who was “all knowing”, he had said, “There are two paths laid before you, one that leads to glory and one that leads to folly.” Our adventurers were confused by this and asked what he meant. The old man began to laugh again, “It is up to you to decide your destiny, for it is not written yet…” He then walked away and disappeared. The adventurers thinking about this decided to not chase after their cohorts, and continue on their journey. So they headed back into the Inn were EarL and Card went off to bed, and Captain Zeta Jones and Owen stayed down to have some drinks. Owen was curious about who had recently died and found out that it was Barty, the man that snuck him into Arcanix. The bartender then asked if Owen could play at the reception tomorrow, which Owen said he would.

The next day everyone was looking nice for the reception, and Owen began to play. Although fate would have it that he needed to take a shit. He was able to hold it in, that is until the very end where he shitted in his pants. The music had stopped and he whispered (Ring of Sound) to his friends, “I think I shat my pants.” To which everyone at the reception heard and began laughing/running away. EarL then stood up and began to clap and said, “Now this is a party!!!” After Owen got all cleaned up and everyone was ready to leave, they continued to here this booming sound and it was getting louder. So our adventurers decided to head to the Southwest to investigate. They got out of the city gates, and the guards told them that they had some gifts from the Peasants. They had all received 1800gp and a bunch of other unique items which they sold in town. They then headed to the Southwest again, and met a strange fellow blowing up giant rocks. Card tried to send him a message, but he was just being ignored. Then EarL decided to throw rocks at him, each one he threw was being blown out of the sky. The mystery man then pointed to a big rock which EarL then lifted up and threw, exploding in mid-air. The man then pointed to two big rocks, EarL lifted and threw them, exploding in mid-air. The man then pointed to three big rocks, EarL lifted these and threw them, exploding in mid-air. The man spoke, “Hmmmm, you might be strong enough to help me; would you?” Card asked, “Well who are you?” Tim responded, “Well I am Tim, and I need help fixing my ship; will you help?” EarL responded, “Well yea, no problem.” “Excellent follow me.” He took the adventurers to a strange looking a circle and then teleported them to the heavens.

When the adventurers got there they saw four more men dressed in red in a circle around them. They then followed Tim down a long staircase, and at the end they saw a vast city made of bronze. They continued to follow him to his office, where he explained where they were and showed them a map of the Dyson Sphere. Tim told them about the problem they were having with their ship, and how his son Tizoc had went down to try and fix it. He went on to say how his son has never returned and if they could, find him. With this new quest our adventurers head down to the city to fix the problem. Although our adventurers couldn’t resist trying some ethnic food, and some ethnic women… The next day Owen and Card went looking for EarL, for the last they saw he was plowing over a woman with another woman hanging on him from the front. EarL then emerge from a giant hole behind them with the two women strapped to his back. With them being all together they headed to the engineering area to speak with Barduc Herlandul, the head engineer. When they met him he was crying about how his friends that he “made” had turned on him, and how they were attacking him. Hearing this Owen said, “Well why don’t you make new friends?” EarL then chuckled at the question, after hearing this Barduc went running off crying. They then looked around to see how they could get down into the engineering area, where the cogs where at, and found a map showing them the way. They went down to this area and crossed a room full of rotating cogs. EarL made it across the room and was met by a locked door, so he did what he always did, try and break down the door. On contact with the door, a rock crusher dropped down infront of the door, and five Clockroaches appeared. Our adventurers made quick work of four of them, and the other ran away. With the door still being blocked by a rock crusher, Owen went looking for the Clockroach that got away, since he figured out that they all needed to die for the door to be accessible again. Although things didn’t go as planned for Owen, for he slipped on a gear and fell into a rock crusher. EarL and Card seeing their friend in danger tried to rescue him, but fell into the rock crusher themselves. Card being smart then tried to teleport them out of the rock crusher, but Owen could not be reached. So Owen ended up being crushed to a pulp, and got revived underneath the room by his Crystal Rose. Owen now revived had found a new way through this room, and told everyone to come down. So Card teleported down, and offered EarL to be brought down with but he declined (EarL was set on killing the last Clockroch). The last Clockroach appeared and EarL threw his greataxe and sliced it in two, with his axe landing into one of the rock crushers. The cog filled room began to tremble from the fact that the axe was preventing them to rotate. EarL then smashed through the floor, and fell to the bottom. He then caught up with Owen and Card, and they continued down the path. They were feeling tired, and since they saw no danger decided to sleep in their Personal Oasis.

Our adventurers woke up after a full nights rest, and continued down the path before them. They then spotted what appeared to be two lion constructs, which began to attack them. So our adventurers fought back, and where dealing good damage when out of the cog wall to their right came two Clockwork Menders, which repaired the lions. Then the adventurers went all out and destroyed the lions. They then turned to the cog wall which they needed to get up, Card being the tricky sorcerer he is teleported them to the top. Although it worked, they were on a conveyor belt and where knocked into the wall, and fell down. After falling, they decided that they where going to need to climb this wall….
—Combat experience 10,800xp

ROG's Journal
Day 7

-Oh my god, these guys are fucking idiots! We were heading from Passage since the “brimstone man” couldn’t tell us how to get the brimstone, and said we had to ask his friend White Ash for the way. If I wasn’t under the watch of EarL I would’ve slowly froze him to death to tell us the passage… Anyways we were in a wagon traveling, when we came to a swamp, and lucky us the bridge was out. So what did our “friends” decide to do? Walk through the fucking swamp!!! I mean come on, its wet, disgusting, and was crawling with creatures. We fought our way through like 12 frog like creatures, and apparently this hippy dude didn’t like it. He was all like “these are sacred burial grounds, they were just defending themselves.” So as he was tending his little froggy friends we stole his boat and booked it out of the swamp. We were just outside of Arcanix when they decided that we should camp out and get some rest. Well we were just sooooo lucky that a million Magerippers decided that we looked tasty. We all basically wear to die, when all of a sudden I saw a flying gnome go across the sky. Then a bright light came out of the sky, and from the heavens came this fucking hot (basically naked) chick and brought Card back to life. We all then ran like little girls into Arcanix. We found out that White Ash wasn’t available to speak, but they wanted us to see what was wrong with the power system, and why the security wasn’t working right. So we headed down there and found some more magerippers, we let them be, and locked them in the rooms we found them. One of the last rooms we were in there were 2 Balhannoths and I single handedly killed them both. The last room was barred shut, and when we were trying to enter heard a voice telling us “Get out, the light shall never prevail, you will all DIE!!!” Not heading the warning EarL broke through the door. We saw 4 Blade Thralls, 2 Arcanovores, and a Drow Shadowcaster, with a giant glowing ball in the center of this large room. We killed the Blade Thralls with ease, along with the Arcanovores, although they were a pain. But the Drow was a bastard, he single handedly killed our brother Thuug, and our “friends” did nothing, didn’t even cared that he died….

ROG's Journal
Day 2

—Man did I have some nice dreams last night of that sexy pirate, and Aela. Just too sexy…. Anyways today Johan told us that we are assigned to these great adventurers and to aid them in our quest for good. “The Revengencers will be victorious! <blah>,<blah>,<blah>” All I heard was “Kill, kill, kill” which was no problem to me. Or so I thought, he said that we needed to “train” these adventurers on what me and my brothers can do. So each of us got paired up, all I was thinking, Please not the minotaur, please not the minotaur, please not… “…and ROG you are assigned EarL (mino).” For fucks sake my brothers always get the easy way, especially Thuug, who was just clapping his hands with Card all day. So we got to fighting, I went first so I used my most powerful Orb of Ice and hit EarL right in the face! The sad part was after the hit, he just smiled, and the last thing that I remember was blue fur in my face. I awoke to what I thought was an earthquake, but was just EarL and Rhonda fucking in the middle of the field. I looked around and saw that EVERYONE was knocked out. I later found out that EarL had knocked out all of my brothers and as usual they all blamed me. So after this fight, we were on our way to get some brimstone for Johan to make a device that will allow us to communicate with ease. He told us to head towards Passage and to ask Timothy Bowden where to find some brimstone.

ROG's Journal
Day 1

As a side note these are all from the perspective of ROG, and I will put up entries every game night. This is a place to look for our story, not YOURS, except if it was an important part of the day. The first couple are going to be from when we first met the brothers.

—So today was an interesting day, Big Rhonda had brought in these “adventurers” a big blue creature, with a little magical gnome on its shoulder, and a SEXY pirate. I think Rhonda had just brought back the big blue guy for some jungle loving, but apparently our leader Johan had already met up with these guys. We didn’t quite believe Johan was telling the whole truth, so we demanded proof. Card Flowgoggle impressed us with his electrifying magic, while the other two had to fight the creatures the hunters had brought back. The two fought valiantly and it was quite hilarious seeing the big blue creature becoming confused when these dogs would just disappear and then reappear. I later found out that day that the big blue guy was a FUCKING MINOTAUR (so I really don’t want to piss him off), oh and also the sexy pirate was a lesbian. A sad day for us all….


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