The Four Horsemen

ROG's Journal

Day 7

-Oh my god, these guys are fucking idiots! We were heading from Passage since the “brimstone man” couldn’t tell us how to get the brimstone, and said we had to ask his friend White Ash for the way. If I wasn’t under the watch of EarL I would’ve slowly froze him to death to tell us the passage… Anyways we were in a wagon traveling, when we came to a swamp, and lucky us the bridge was out. So what did our “friends” decide to do? Walk through the fucking swamp!!! I mean come on, its wet, disgusting, and was crawling with creatures. We fought our way through like 12 frog like creatures, and apparently this hippy dude didn’t like it. He was all like “these are sacred burial grounds, they were just defending themselves.” So as he was tending his little froggy friends we stole his boat and booked it out of the swamp. We were just outside of Arcanix when they decided that we should camp out and get some rest. Well we were just sooooo lucky that a million Magerippers decided that we looked tasty. We all basically wear to die, when all of a sudden I saw a flying gnome go across the sky. Then a bright light came out of the sky, and from the heavens came this fucking hot (basically naked) chick and brought Card back to life. We all then ran like little girls into Arcanix. We found out that White Ash wasn’t available to speak, but they wanted us to see what was wrong with the power system, and why the security wasn’t working right. So we headed down there and found some more magerippers, we let them be, and locked them in the rooms we found them. One of the last rooms we were in there were 2 Balhannoths and I single handedly killed them both. The last room was barred shut, and when we were trying to enter heard a voice telling us “Get out, the light shall never prevail, you will all DIE!!!” Not heading the warning EarL broke through the door. We saw 4 Blade Thralls, 2 Arcanovores, and a Drow Shadowcaster, with a giant glowing ball in the center of this large room. We killed the Blade Thralls with ease, along with the Arcanovores, although they were a pain. But the Drow was a bastard, he single handedly killed our brother Thuug, and our “friends” did nothing, didn’t even cared that he died….


MajesticGorilla kevinwleczyk

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