The Four Horsemen

ROG's Journal

Day 2

—Man did I have some nice dreams last night of that sexy pirate, and Aela. Just too sexy…. Anyways today Johan told us that we are assigned to these great adventurers and to aid them in our quest for good. “The Revengencers will be victorious! <blah>,<blah>,<blah>” All I heard was “Kill, kill, kill” which was no problem to me. Or so I thought, he said that we needed to “train” these adventurers on what me and my brothers can do. So each of us got paired up, all I was thinking, Please not the minotaur, please not the minotaur, please not… “…and ROG you are assigned EarL (mino).” For fucks sake my brothers always get the easy way, especially Thuug, who was just clapping his hands with Card all day. So we got to fighting, I went first so I used my most powerful Orb of Ice and hit EarL right in the face! The sad part was after the hit, he just smiled, and the last thing that I remember was blue fur in my face. I awoke to what I thought was an earthquake, but was just EarL and Rhonda fucking in the middle of the field. I looked around and saw that EVERYONE was knocked out. I later found out that EarL had knocked out all of my brothers and as usual they all blamed me. So after this fight, we were on our way to get some brimstone for Johan to make a device that will allow us to communicate with ease. He told us to head towards Passage and to ask Timothy Bowden where to find some brimstone.


Just a reminder: Johan asked for brimstone, not obsidian.

ROG's Journal
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