The Four Horsemen

ROG's Journal

Day 1

As a side note these are all from the perspective of ROG, and I will put up entries every game night. This is a place to look for our story, not YOURS, except if it was an important part of the day. The first couple are going to be from when we first met the brothers.

—So today was an interesting day, Big Rhonda had brought in these “adventurers” a big blue creature, with a little magical gnome on its shoulder, and a SEXY pirate. I think Rhonda had just brought back the big blue guy for some jungle loving, but apparently our leader Johan had already met up with these guys. We didn’t quite believe Johan was telling the whole truth, so we demanded proof. Card Flowgoggle impressed us with his electrifying magic, while the other two had to fight the creatures the hunters had brought back. The two fought valiantly and it was quite hilarious seeing the big blue creature becoming confused when these dogs would just disappear and then reappear. I later found out that day that the big blue guy was a FUCKING MINOTAUR (so I really don’t want to piss him off), oh and also the sexy pirate was a lesbian. A sad day for us all….


MajesticGorilla kevinwleczyk

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