The Four Horsemen

Historian Journal #4

Quest Log

Our adventurers wake up in Arcanix once again at the inn. Card was the first to wake up and as he looked around the now trashed inn, he noticed a “pile-o-bitches.” So Card did what any sexy man would do, dive head first into pile. Unfortunately for him, he nailed EarL right in the gut, waking him and the bitches up instantly. The bitches now sober realized what they have been sleeping with… a freaking bull! And all the bitches hurried out of the inn. Meanwhile Owen was waking up in his room surrounded by 10 women, The Champion Concubines. After his morning “exercise” Owen came down, and started talking with EarL and Card on what they should do next. After some hard decisions they decided it best to see what this “herb” Wizard was about.

So our adventurers headed South out of Arcanix in search of the Herb Wizard. On their way they were attacked by 4 Dark Lions, and Berty/Owen killed them quickly with little casualty. Owen decided it would be wise to skin these animals since they were quite strange, so he managed to get 3 pelts. It was starting to get dark out so our adventurers decided it would be best to get a good nights rest.

They woke up the next day, and just continued down the road until they saw a strange figure up ahead. It was a man sitting in a tree just smoking. Owen being friendly went up and started talking with this man, he found out his name was Dante and he was the Herb Wizard. Dante had a small pet dragon that was flying around offering his blunt to Card and EarL. Card was reluctant at first, but decided to join in when he saw Owen smoking and he seemed alright. EarL never took the blunt from the dragon, but the dragon kept puffing in his face. After a bit Dante offered to sell them his herb, so everyone bought 1 lb. for 5 gold. Then things started getting weird, the dragon put them into this trance and they all happily skipped into a hole in the tree.

They had entered the shadwo plane, everything looked dark and twisted. EarL looked like Frank, Card looked like Smurfette(with a penis), Owen looked like Dwayne Dibley, and Percy looked like Chucky. From the shadows 2 creatures had emerged, they were Dark Umber Hulks with shackles in their hands. Our adventures killed them quickly, and EarL decided to pick up the shackles to use for later. They had no clue on where to go, it seemed like they were near Arcanix but it wasn’t… Card pointed out a tower and they decided that should be their first destination, so they started to walk towards it. On their way they met two weird people, who talked in babbles, no one understood what they were saying. But EarL decided to flip them off, and that made them leave. Our adventurers where starting to get tired and hungry so EarL pulled out the Personal Oasis to sleep in.

Loot: Owen-3 Dark Lion Pelts
Total XP: 6,600 (5,000 Combat) (1,000 RP)


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