The Four Horsemen

Historian Journal #3

Quest Log

Prep used…
-Dom spent 30. (Skills)
-Kevin spent 24. (Skills)

Our adventurers started off in Arcanix. EarL got up before everyone else and decided to go do some shopping. He got some “magic shit” and a female Bloodstrker mount name Berty. About an hour later Owen woke up and headed out to the market to find EarL. They both met up and had no clue what to do since all there leads are dead or don’t like them that much. So they went to Percy to find out the word about town. Percy told them that there is a local contest and…. But EarL just went off to the contest area, not caring what the other thing was. (Going to get some “magical” herbs) To get into the contest Owen showed them his Student ID card. Although it didn’t work too well because we didn’t belong to a house. So they had to go in the free lance area, which was like 400 people long. So they just figured, “We’re more important, than these losers. I mean we saved their town.” and went to the head of the line. When they got there the other contestants didn’t like it, and zapped EarL. So EarL did what he does best killed them all, well that is until he heard Owen to tell him to stop. They were then called up to the receptionist (who was the same one from the train stop in Passage). EarL hated her, and continually tried to kill her, but the glass she was behind was too thick. Owen and EarL eventually were able to get in and continued on to the final round. The final round was with the champ and his pet dragon, which hurt quite a bit. But after a long battle Owen and EarL triumphed over the champ, and killed the dragon. For winning they got some rewards…

—EarL: Hammer
—Owen: Eternal Wand of Cure Critical (CL20)

-Experience: 120,750


16 PREP awarded

Historian Journal #3
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