The Four Horsemen

Historian Journal #2

Quest Log

—After a nights rest inside their Personal Oasis, Card figured out how they were going to climb this giant cog wall. “This is quite simple,” Card said to Owen and EarL, “we are just going to walk up this wall thanks to…” Card touches everyone, “False Gravity!” EarL not to keen on magic talk needed an explanation on how this helped them. So Card gave them a nice little lecture on how to work the spell. So after this explanation EarL started to walk up the wall, then out of the gears came three Ape like creatures (Effigy). Our adventurers made quick work of these constructs, and continued up the wall.

When they reached the top the found themselves in a room, that seemed to be covered in rocks, almost like a minefield. They worked their way through the rock minefield, with EarL picking up a couple rocks to use for later. When they reached the other side they were met with a large door, which was sealed tight. Owen decided to touch the door, and all of a sudden a voice boomed. It was the “Dyson Sphere” talking to them, telling them to leave and that “they” have suffered enough.

EarL recalling what happened the last time a door told them to get out, booked it back to where he had entered. As he was running towards his destination, the walls began rising, trapping them in this room. Owen not knowing what to do, was looking around and saw this round bulge on the ceiling. So he figured that he should try and shoot it, but he ended up shooting himself instead. Then Card tried to touch Owen so they could teleport out of this area, but just touched himself. Owen shot again at the ceiling, and found out that its a T-Rex (Effigy). So Card again tried to teleport them all out, but the place he thought they were going had disappeared, making the telportation fail. EarL recalling what White Ash’s pages had told them, put down the Personal Oasis for some camouflage. This trick worked for a bit, that is until two Deinonychus and a Megaraptor decided to crash the party. They looked tough but nothing is too strong for our adventurers. So after our adventurers defeated these three, it was time to take on the T-Rex.

The T-Rex was a true test for our adventurers, all would have been lost if they hadn’t been blessed by Cytheria and where given her rose crystals. For during the battle EarL and Card had both died, and Owen would’ve been next on the menu. The fight concluded with EarL and Card bursting out of the T-Rex’s stomach, when Owen delivered the final arrow to its groin. After the beast fell, the ceiling began to collapse, so EarL picked up Card and ran to the now open door on the far side of the room. Owen seeing EarL bolt, then called for Ditzy Do. As Ditzy Do came running, Owen jumped up folded his legs, and landed on Ditzy Do with ease. Owen while in the air told Ditzy Do to follow the blue blur, and step on it. EarL made it to the room, and looked back at the door hoping to see his friend. But he couldn’t see much on account of all the dust he kicked up from running. EarL then heard a large thud, the ceiling had collapsed. As the dust settled EarL and Card where able to make out a silhouette of a pony, and a rider. It was Ditzy Do and Owen, “Mounts are useful, aren’t they?” joked Card. “Yea, but next time we should share a ride.” Owen said looking towards EarL and Card. “Enough talk, time to get job done!” yelled EarL. They then looked around the room, and couldn’t help missing a giant molten gear. EarL decided to walk up to this gear, since he was sent here to start up a gear. But as he got closer the floor started to open up, revealing the “sun” that powered the Dyson Sphere. They then approached the gear, and all of a sudden the voice came back. It was Tizoc, except that he was now being possessed by an Elder Fire Elemental.

After a talk with this Elder Fire Elemental, they decided to help the elementals, and destroy the Dyson Sphere. The Elder Fire Elemental told them that they need to destroy the gear, its what helps drive the ship. So Card conjured up a lightning bolt and shot a hole straight through the cog. EarL not knowing how he could help, asked the Elder Fire Elemental to posses him so would not burn up while destroying the cog. The Elder Fire Elemental understood, and allowed EarL to access his powers. EarL became surround with fire, his hair turned red, and his axe turned to fire. EarL then charged through the gear, creating a giant hole. Owen and Card then followed EarL’s example and asked the Falme Mephits to grant them the power of the flame. With a couple more blows the cog fell to pieces, and then our adventurers headed back to town picking up Adamantine Shards (from Effigies) along the way. They continued to destroy everyone and everything on their way to the teleportaion pad. “This was an apocalyptic end to a diabolical device,” growled EarL/Elder Fire Elemental, “they almost don’t deserve such a painless death. But this is way too much fun” When they reached the top they nodded at the 5 Red Wizards, they understood and teleported them back to Arcanix. The 5 Red Wizards, now freed from their bounds, flew off into the sunset.


Card — 7 Medium Shards
EarL — 8 Medium Shards, 2 Large Shards
Owen — 5 Medium Shards


Perfection! 20 PREP

Historian Journal #2
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